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Healthy Holidays Mask Drive

Mask Donation Goal: 500,000 Masks
Join us to send washable & reusable Hanes® child-size face masks to elementary schools across the USA!

How does it work? is making these reusable Hanes® masks available for donation at the price of only $0.50 per mask. You can choose to donate as few or as many masks as you would like. At the conclusion of the fundraiser, will ship the donated masks directly to schools all across that need them most!

Why are we doing it?: As new Covid-19 variants spread, unvaccinated children are vulnerable. The youngest kids (3-8) often don't have well-fitting masks, and poorer school districts are often in communities that have been most impacted by Covid. We aim to help stop the spread by providing free child-sized masks to schools that need them. 

Why Hanes Masks? chose Hanes masks for their fit and quality. These cotton, washable/reusable pleated masks follow CDC guidelines and are comfortable and breathable while offering quality protection.  Kids can re-use them, get them dirty then wash them, etc. is subsidizing the cost of the masks - making them available for donation at only $0.50 per mask for a limited time. AND if 500,000 masks are donated will contribute an additional 100,000 masks!

Timeline: will deliver all donated masks to schools by January 31st, 2022. We will post a public record of where all masks were sent for accountability. 

Hanes® Kid Mask Specs:
  • 2 Ply Quality Moisture-Wicking Fabric
  • Breathable Cool Comfort Material
  • Stretch Ear loops
  • Slightly Pleated for fit
  • Washable and Reusable

*The Healthy Holidays Mask Drive is an independent fundraising effort by to provide masks for schools across the United States.  We will send masks to schools we have identified as best candidates at the conclusion of the fundraiser. Donating to the Mask Drive is not a purchase of masks, and we will not send masks directly to you or to a particular school of your choice. Rather, your contribution will help fund logistics, technology, staffing, shipping, and mask inventory costs for to send the masks to schools at the rate of $0.50 per mask.

If you'd like to purchase Hanes® masks in bulk and send them to a particular school, you may do that on our wholesale website: 

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