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FAQ - The Great American Mask Drive

Donation Inquiries

Donate as few as 1 mask or as many masks your heart desires and wallet allows. No matter how many you donate, we'll have the capacity to send those masks to the school at the end of the campaign. If we overshoot the mask donation goal for your school, great! That means the school will have even more reusable masks on hand to give to students, staff, and the community it serves. 


All good. We're going to send masks out to schools even if they don't quite meet the goal. In cases where less than 500 masks are donated, this gets a little tricky and may require extra time as we sort through the orders. In this case we will group schools within districts for the purpose of shipping a full box, and ship to a district or regional office with instructions on how to distribute the donated masks. We also hope to mitigate this with the help of corporate sponsors providing matching donations (more on that to come).

No, donating masks is purely a volunteer gesture and there is no requirement that you participate. You can donate to any school, regardless of if you know anyone who attends. We figure the more masks that make it to schools, the better.

We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as Paypal, Shopify Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and Google Pay.

The mask drive runs through August 31st and we'll begin shipping to schools the next day.

The Great American Mask Drive is operated by the Charitable Foundation, which is able to accept donations which are tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3). 

School Inquiries

Yes you can, no problem. The price per reusable/washable Hanes masks is $1.50. We have both child and standard sizes available. You may purchase masks either by donating to your own mask dive or by visiting the "Bulk Sales" link on our website. Purchases from schools are tax exempt. Feel free to reach out

We currently have campaigns for every public elementary school and most middle schools in the US.  We'll be adding other schools soon. If your school is not listed here, please send us a request to and we'll try to add it as soon as possible.

A few reasons. First, because schools are geographically distributed to serve local communities, they make ideal dissemination/distribution points for masks. 

Second, we really want to help provide a safe environment for kids and staff at our schools. And we want kids to be able to get back to school, and for their parents to get back to work. We think masks are a means to that end. 

We don't know. We are going to send masks to them anyway, and they can decide how they'd like to use them.  Ask kids to wear them? GREAT!  Send them home with kids? GREAT! Simply give them away to the community, thats GREAT too. We think that by getting masks out to schools and allowing each school to decide what to do with them, your donations will undoubtedly help.

Yes we can make this happen. Please contact us.

No, is an independent entity and is not affiliated with any particular school,   We are proactively supplying masks to schools with the help of donations from individuals who want to help society.

Just search for your school on the map here.  Click the donate button, select the quantity of masks you'd like to donate, and purchase them. We'll take care of the rest!

About the Masks

We're very grateful that Hanes has agreed to be our supplier for this campaign. Hanes is an American supplier that has the operational capacity and product integrity to supply millions of high quality 100% cotton masks. 

Because reusable/washable cloth masks just make more sense. They're more eco-friendly, they are sustainable, and they provide quality protection.

These reusable masks follow CDC guidance for non-medical face coverings. 

100% Cotton, white, washable for 20+ washes, 3 ply for added filtration, breathable, cool, comfortable, moisture wicking.

Company Inquiries

We are American entrepreneurs who trust the science and data that shows wearing masks saves lives. Our CEO's info can be found here

Our home base is in the beautiful Texas hill country, just outside of Austin, TX. 

No, and we don't know why masks were ever politicized in the first place. If anything, we hope that masks bring us together in the spirit of helping protect one another from a common enemy (a virus) that doesn't care about political affiliations. 

This project is run by the Charitable Foundation, which is able to accept donations which are tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3). 

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