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Why I Started

Somehow, left to our own devices, us humans seem to always find a way to pick sides.  We'll choose a team and root for it. We'll tell the other team they suck. And in a way, that's great... competition drives innovation, camaraderie gives us a sense of belonging, and winning just feels good.  It is innate to our animal instinct, I suppose, to form packs and stick with them. 

But sometimes we humans get it wrong. Sometimes we invent sides of a fight where there was no need to do so. Sometimes we forget that our commonality, our very humanity, is itself a team worth fighting for. Team human. 

In the case of Covid-19, the sides are clear: it's team human vs. a deadly virus. We've been attacked by a virus that doesn't care who you voted for last time or who you'll vote for this time. It doesn't care what you look like, what your last name is, how much money you have, or what you do for a living. It just wants to thrive at human's expense. The expense of our well being, the expense of our economy.

At present, our arsenal of effective weapons in this fight is limited, but we on team human have one weapon that the enemy cannot bear: masks. The data is irrefutable- masks save lives. They limit the spread of airborne disease, thus limiting the available hosts in which the virus can thrive. 

That's why I started Because I'm rooting for team human. And at the end of the day, if we're going to beat this virus, we need to arm ourselves with the weapons that we know are most effective.  We need everyone to wear masks.


Be Well.

-Bradley Markham

Founder & CEO