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An Open Letter To Teachers - Masks For Schools Initiative

The following letter was sent to thousands of teachers all across the USA. is republishing it here. This is a follow up to our Open Letter To Schools which was sent to school Admins.


We haven't met, so please let me introduce myself. I'm the son of a teacher who spent 40 years in the classroom, and I'm Dad to a daughter who's entering 3rd grade this year. I am also the CEO at 

So like you, I'm concerned about the upcoming school year and how teachers and students will navigate schooling during a pandemic. Regardless of what schools in your area have decided to do, we know that eventually kids and teachers will return to in-person learning environments. We at want to make sure that when that happens, your classroom is equipped with quality masks. And we want to make certain that no teacher anywhere has to purchase or provide masks for his or her own classroom, period!

That's why has partnered with Hanes® to launch the Great American Mask Drive, an online donation event where individuals and businesses all across the country are donating reusable/washable Hanes® masks to be sent to thousands of US schools. This includes the schools in your area.

Your school most likely already has its own mask donation webpage on where members of your community can donate reusable Hanes® masks to your school for just $1.50 per mask. To see your school's mask donation page, please check out the website here. If your school isn't already listed, let us know and we'll add it.

Please note that this initiative requires nothing from you or your school district- there is no cost to you nor is participation required.  Hanes® will send donated masks to the schools at the conclusion of the fundraiser at the end of August. We'll leave it to your school to decide how best to use them- we know that every situation is different. We just hope the masks are put to good use!

That said, we do have many teachers and school administrators who are actively participating by sharing their school's mask donation page on social media and involving citizens and businesses in their communities.  We've just launched the mask drive and already over 50,000 masks have been donated by over 2,000 individuals all around the country. 

I hope you'll help spread the word about the mask drive so that people in your area can find out about it and donate masks. Together, we can make a major impact. I've included some share buttons below to make it easy to share on your social media.

We know that educators are all too often overlooked, underpaid, and underappreciated. It's time that we step up to protect our teachers and students when you return to physical classrooms (and hopefully only when it's safe to do so). Your work is critically important to society, and this son of a teacher is very grateful for all that you do.