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An Open Letter To Schools - The Great American Mask Drive is publishing this letter, which was sent to school administrators around the country to introduce the Great American Mask Drive initiative. 
I'm the CEO at and I'm writing in regard to a masks for schools donation initiative by that (hopefully) will result in some masks being donated to your school. We're calling it the "Great American Mask Drive."  
Don't worry, we're not asking anything from you except that you put the masks to good use- however you see fit for your school and situation. We understand that every school district is different, and mask policies and procurement differ from school to school.  Please let me tell you a little more about the mask drive:
Hanes® is supplying the masks and has created online mask donation fundraisers for over 75,000 public elementary and middle schools all across the US.  We hope to add high schools soon. We're making these Hanes® reusable/washable masks available for donation by the general public (individuals and businesses) at a discounted price of $1.50 per donated mask.  People all over the country are donating masks for schools in their local communities and at the end of the fundraiser, Hanes will ship the donated masks to schools.
You can read the press release about the initiative here.
We understand that your school district may have other mask initiatives in place. You may have plans that don't include the type of masks we're sending- and that's ok. Whether you use the donated masks for students, to send home with students, staff, have them available for visitors, or give them out to the community- there are many different ways these masks can be of service to your school and community. 
To find the mask donation webpage that was setup for the public to be able to donate masks to your school, just visit If your school isn't yet on the website and you'd like to be added, please let us know and we'll be happy to add it. If for some reason you refuse to accept free donated masks, you can let us know and we'll note that on your school's donation webpage and refund anyone who may have already donated. But again, please know that we are asking and requiring nothing from your schools.
If you're so inclined, please share your school's donation page; we have had a tremendous response from people already who are eager to donate masks and help out. We've also had a bunch of schools already share their mask donation page in Facebook groups, in emails, and elsewhere. It's awesome to see the outpouring of support from individuals and businesses! We just launched and we've already had over 30,000 masks donated! 
Here's to hoping that you and your schools stay healthy and safe during these trying and difficult times. We're with you.
Be Well,
Bradley Markham
Founder & CEO Inc.